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Malikapurathamma is the most important upaprathista in Sabarimala. There are two beliefs on Malikapurathamma, that it is the demon that fought with Sri Ayyappan as Mahishi. Once the demon was defeated, a beautiful lady emerged from the body and wished to remain with Sri Ayyappa. Another belief is that the daughter of Sri Ayyappa’s guru become a Sanyasini and want to remain with Sri Ayyappa, As per thantric view, pilgrims has to worship Malikappuram as “Adiparasakthi”.
Main offerings to Malikappurathamma are, Turmeric powder, (Manjal podi), Saffron powder, (Kumkumam podi), Jhagri (Sharkara), Honey (then), Plantain (Kadali Pazham), and red silk.


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