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Master Plan

Master Plan

Master PlanMillions of Sri Ayyappa devotees visit the hill temple every year. Since the temple is located within the Tiger Reserve Area and the forest, there is limitation of space to accommodate the surge of pilgrims. It becomes imperative to optimize land utilization to provide required facilities and amenities for safe and happy pilgrimage.

A COMPREHENSIVE SABARIMALA MASTER PLAN has been prepared (by IL&FS-Ecosmart) with the objectives of planned overall development of:

*    Sannidhanam area, the abode of Lord Ayyappa on the mountain top
*    Pampa – the river front and the Pampa area
*    Trekking paths to the hill top
*    Development of base camp facilities at Nilakkal
*    Development of feeder towns/places like Erumeli, Pathanamthitta, Vandiperiyar etc.
*    The approach roads to Sabarimala

The Master Plan envisages:
*    Infrastructure Development
*    Ecological Sustainability
*    Pilgrim facilities

PROGRAMME PLAN: The Master Plan is considered as a broad programme plan with indicative proposals for each of the above locations/subjects.

DETAILED MASTER PLANS for each of the Master Plan locations/subjects are being prepared employing services of individual consultants.
PROJECT PLANS are being prepared for each of the components of the Detailed Master Plans – which are adopted for implementation.

From within the Indicative Master Plan for Sabarimala , priority is given for preparation of detailed Master Plans for Sannidhanam area and Nilakkal area. Priority is also given for improvements to the trekking paths and for specific projects in Pampa. Some of the major projects detailed out in the first phase are scheduled for implementation immediately after January 2012.

The projects are conceived with pilgrim conveniences in focus to ensure safe and comfortable journey, stay and darshan.

*   Comprehensive plan for Sabarimala Development encompassing  religious,infrastructural, environmental aspects
*   12.675 hectares Sabarimala and 110.524 hectares at Nilakkal available with Travancore Devaswom Board to              provide pilgrim facilities
*   Essential Interventions across the region (Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Idukki districts and in major temples enroute to Sabarimala ) including base camps, transit camps, traffic movement, safety and health, water and sanitation plan.




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