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Do's and Dont's

do's and dpnt's


  • Take rest for 5 minutes after a walk of 10 minutes during the climb.Use the traditional path – Marakoottam, Saramkuthy, Nadapanthal – to reach Sannidhanam.
  • Follow the queue system to reach Pathinettampadi.
  • Use the Nadapanthal fly over for return journey.
  • Ascertain the prevailing crowd situation and then only proceed to Sannidhanam  from Pampa.
  • While using Dolly, make payment only at the Devaswom counter and keep the receipt.
  • Subject yourself for security check at security check-points.
  • Approach police for any help.
  • Inform police about any suspicious characters.
  • Buy edible items from licensed outlets only.
  • Keep Pampa, Sannidhanam and the trekking paths clean.
  • Park vehicles only at the allotted parkig slots.
  • Deposit waste in the waste boxes only.
  • Avail the facilities of medical centers and oxygen parlours if needed.
  • In case of isolation from groups /friends  devotees may report at police aid posts.
  • Cleanliness- Throw waste only in collection bins. Keep the temple premises and trekking paths clean;
  • Fire –Keep matchbox & other inflammable materials away from children.
  • Fire-if lighted should be put out immediately after use;
  • Remove plugs from sockets after use
  • Place ‘viri’ only in the designated parking areas
  • Follow queue system- Do not jump queue segment- do not rush in queue\Approach police for help
  • Security check- cooperate with staff
  • Use only toilets for urination/bowel clearance
  • ID cards with name/address/telephone number to be hung on the necks of children/aged and Malikappurams-report to police when lost in the crowd




  • Do not use mobile phones at the temple premises.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not jump the queue.
  • Do not rush while in the queue.
  • Do not carry weapons or other explosives substances.
  • Do not entertain unauthorized vendors.
  • Do not urinate outside toilets and clear bowels outside latrines.
  • Do not make extra payment for any service.
  • Do not hesitate to approach police for any help.
  • Do not throw waste anywhere other than the waste bins.
  • Do not break coconuts on the Pathinetampadi.
  • Do not break coconuts anywhere other than on designated places on both sides of Pathinettampadi.
  • Do not kneel at Pathinetampadi while climbing the holy steps.
  • Do not use any path other than Nadapanthal flyover for return journey.
  • Do not rest anywhere at Upper Thirumuttam or Thanthrinada.
  • Do not use pathways for viris at Nadapanthal and lower Thirumuttam.
  • Fire – do not cause forest fire – do not throw burned wood/camphor/incandescent sticks etc. carelessly
  • Fire – do not carry inflammable liquids, fire crackers.Cooking gas, stoves etc.  are  not be used in Sannidhanam area
  • Fire – electrical appliances are potential source of fire – do not overload by putting multiple connections
  • Fire – burnt matches – do not throw carelessly
  • Fire – do not cook food inside ‘viri’  sheds
  • Fire – do not light camphor in temporary sheds
  • Do not carry knives and other sharp weapons
  • Do not operate electrical equipments with wet hands
  • Trekking – do not climb hurriedly
  • Do not smoke in Pampa, Sannidhanam and along the trekking routes
  • Makara Jyothi Darshan – do not climb trees and on unsafe buildings
  • Begging – prohibited – do not encourage
  • Do not rest anywhere at Upper Thirumuttom.


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