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‘Palliyarakkavu’ is a forest temple dedicated to Goddess Devi, about 1 km north of Nilakkal.

Pilgrims proceeding to Sabarimala offer prayers and seek blessings at this temple.  The motherly aspect of the Devi here attracts hundreds of pilgrims not only from from Kerala but from the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra.

Normally, temples dedicated to forest goddess do not have a roof. In a distinct deviation, the temple at ‘Palliyarakkavu’ has a roof.

Another belief is that the Devi is none other than Lord Vishnu in feminine form, Mohini.  The annual ‘Vilakkuezhannallippu’ on Sivarathri from the Nilakkal Mahadeva temple to ‘Palliyarakkavu’ signifies the bonds between these two temples.





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