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Mandala Vratham

vruthamMandala Vrutham denotes austerity measures by followers and devotees of Lord Ayyappa for a Mandala, 41 days.

Simple and pious living sans any vices is called for during the ‘Vrutham’ period. Wearing the Mala denotes the onset of the ‘Vrutham’. Devotees consider wearing the Mala on a Saturday or on the day of Uthram astral sign auspicious. Uthram is the birth sign of Sree Ayyappan.  

The idea behind the 41-day ‘Vrutham’ is to develop discipline and healthy practices and make it a habit.  It is all about good habit formation through sustained efforts achieved through a combination of self-control and prayers.

Black is the recommended colour for clothes during the ‘Vruthum’ period as the colour denotes detachment from material things. Cutting hair, shaving off facial hair, and cutting nails are forbidden.  





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