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Sub Shrines


GANAPATHYThe sub shrines in Sabarimala include those of Ganapathy (elephant god); Nagadaivam (snake god); ‘Valiya Kadutha Swami’; ‘Kochu Kadutha Swami’; mountain god; Navagraha (installations of nine planets; ‘Karuppu Swami’ and ‘Karuppayi Amma’.

Valiya Kadutha Swami and Kochu Kadutha Swami are believed to be attendants of Sree Ayyappan.

Karuppu Swami and Karuppayi Amma, both natives of the forest, helped Ayyappan in his divine mission.

Another important sub shrine that lends credence to the egalitarian nature of Sabarimala is ‘Vavar Nada’. This shrine is dedicated to Vavar, the Muslim accomplice of Sree Ayyappan.




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